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Wearing parts 11 months 17 hours ago #56645

Running these little cars frequently does create a certain need for stocking certain spares. In alot of cases Tamiya provides one or two extras, like the wheel pins, o-rings, screws, rubber seals .. etc. These are things we're able to source from regular hardware stores.

I just now did a search on ebay for "3 mm o-ring", and got a few good hits, like this : ebay

Also I know that buying Tamiya-packed parts in their pretty little bags is very expensive, I'd like to start our own thread about sources for compatible spares bought in bulk for better economy.

Now, what parts, besides tires ofcourse, could be bought in bulk?
* o-rings and other rubber / silicone details
* various screws & nuts, grub screws, bolts..
* springs (?)
* gears
* pins
* .. basically all things that hobby stores wrap in small numbers and sell for alot more.

So if anybody know anything please post your findings here. I've been buying grub screws, M4 wheel-nuts and pinion gears off ebay for a while now. These things need stocking up like ammunition in war time.

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Wearing parts 11 months 15 hours ago #56649

I still haven't found an exact replacement for Tamiya's ubiquitous 3x12mm selt tapper (brown or yellow passivated, JIS cross head / slot combination pan head), stainless Number 4 x 1/2" (2.8mm x 12.7mm) are the closest I've got.

I believe Andy found a bulk source for them, but with exchange rates, taxes & shipping they would have been really expensive for me.

The Super Clodbuster screw Bag B is a good source for them (and M3 flange nuts) if you don't mind them being silver coloured.

M3 Rub Nuts (:D) from Falcon Workshop Supplies in Wigan (UK) - massiveattack007 on eBay are an excellent match for the SRB well nuts

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Wearing parts 11 months 14 hours ago #56650

M4 wheelnuts (Flange, locking or both) can be found on eBay in bulk, is a good source for tiny fasteners & stuff to fit US cars that is otherwise difficult/slow/expensive to source in the UK. is probably the cheapest/most reliable source for Tamiya 10ml X/XF brush paints, especially if you buy in bulk to dilute the cost of postage. is the best source IMO for styrene sheet, post is free if you spend over 100 GBP. They also sell on eBay, including "seconds" which are always fine on one side and a bit cheaper.

Dichloromethane bought in bulk is much cheaper, proportionately, than buying smaller bottles of plastic weld.

Not quite in the spirit of bulk buys - but best value IMO nonetheless:

Eurocarparts is possibly the cheapest place to get Tamiya PS aerosols (and with free delivery in the UK).

1050 and 850 are the most common bearing size in Tamiya vehicles, but TBH the market is so competive it's barely worth stocking up - you might as well buy a set for each car as you need it. Bearings from are high quality & there's a discount code under "members" - "member benefits" on the TB top menu.

I buy most of my kits from - their prices are very good, you can often delete the ESC & save 10 GBP, plus as long as you have an account with them & are signed in you accrue loyalty points equivalent to a 5 percent discount. I just got an NSU TT kit for 7 GBP posted thanks to that, so I know it's genuine.

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Wearing parts 11 months 13 hours ago #56651

Thanks for that lot of info there, Jonny.

Right, I forgott ball bearings. These I already buy in bags of 10 or 100 on ebay / china. Costs about the same as buying a set for one kit.

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Wearing parts 11 months 6 hours ago #56653

Hey all,
Just my 2 cents ( again), I buy most of my replacement and build hardware from Hobby King. They have a good range of metric machine screws, washers and nuts. If you do a bit of looking you can find a bunch of other useful stuff there, O rings and rod ends and...... well just take a look.
I do agree with Jonny about the 3x12 JIS tapping screw, nobody else seems to have them :( .
Shipping restrictions mean I need to source most paints from my own country or LHS but for generic hardware Hobby King is hard to beat. You do need to factor in the shipping on that .79 package of O rings but I just keep a list going when I am working or dreaming about a build and when I get enough for an order I go ahead. :y:
From somewhere out in the wilds of central Ontario. build what you like, I will build what I's all cool......

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