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TOPIC: Hello.

Hello. 4 months 21 hours ago #55292

Hello everybody.
This must be a short introduction as I really have only just re discovered my Tamiya Integrale that I bought, built & mostly crashed in the early 1990s.
I bought this from a model shop in the Meadowhall shopping centre in 1992 I think & even now, many years later, remember how much I enjoyed building it. I have driven for a living since 1989 & would call home on the way back to the yard just to assemble another part. I never really had the spare time to ‘rally’ it seriously but whenever & wherever I could I would give it a blast until my one battery gave up and/or I crashed it & couldn’t put it through any further pain as it was so expensive at the time I had to take out a payment plan at the shop to buy it. With the interest, I may have been able to buy an actual car although nothing like an Integrale.
I still drive for a living nearly 30 years later & seem to actually live in a 2019 Volvo FH 13 500bhp Globetrotter XL for most of the time. Is such a thing available in kit form I wonder?? Maybe for another day.
Anyway, due to my interest in rallying in the heyday of GrpB, I have pre-ordered the upcoming re-issue of the Audi Quattro & along with this have bought new tyres, batteries & a shell for my old Integrale. Please bear with me on chassis types etc as I am very rusty.
I can photograph it later today but from memory it has a shaft driven 4wd chassis with main transmission parts in red plastic & a controller much like a variable resistor that would melt your fingerprints off after use.
I remember actually filling the dampers with oil & it all seemed like proper engineering to me at the time. I have the whole kit including period charger & transmitter.
I guess that it will still work even if only with my old Lancia.
Forgive the possible daft question or 2 but are later kits still similar in their levels of detail. I remember not going out one Saturday night as my girlfriend of the time & now wife painstakingly painted the drivers & cockpit which was held in by Velcro & actually looked like it was being driven.
I still have all the paints which are probably now useless & the parts that I remember not being needed for this particular model attached to the plastic (trees??)
I think I said earlier that this would be short. I can go on a bit but more memories are coming back as I type.
My original kit was build without any modifications mainly due to lack of funds but have noticed metal sealed bearings seem to be a thing nowadays. Could anyone recommend any that I could cobble together for my Audi build please?
If anybody is interested I can dig all the old gear out & am welcome any suggestions as to bin or keep it.
I think I will need a new transmitter but to be honest the last one I picked up in a model shop felt like it was going to fall to bits it was so fragile.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello. 4 months 18 hours ago #55294

Hi Jonny,
Welcome to TamiyaBase!
Your Integrale is most likely the 58117 on the TA01 chassisl: tamiyabase.com/...8117-58117
It's a great model and the TA01 chassis is well liked in the community being the forefather of all the TA chassis from Tamiya.

And yes, you can still find Tamiya kits to the same level of detail and excitement to build. just stay away from the cheapest entry level models. Other members here are better than me at helping with what modern model to choose. ;)

I think most of us here has at some point picked up the childhood hobby of RC cars. Many of us, like you have re-discovered our old models and again sparked the interest. I know that's what happened to me, 15 years ago. :y:

Let us see pictures of your Integrale, we love picures here :-)
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Hello. 4 months 13 hours ago #55295

Welcome on board chap :)

https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1177&search=tt-02 for bearings .... that Quattro kit won't have an interior, tamiya phased them out in favour of deeply tinted or completely opaque windows. No reason why you can't add one/modify the window decals though.

If your paints are in aerosol form I doubt they'll still be all right (all the propellant will have leaked away & I doubt very much if it's worth the hassle of decanting and airbrushing), if they are Airfix enamels in metal tinlets there's every chance they'll be fine after a stir. I have some 30yr old Tamiya acrylic 10ml glass jars and they are still useable after adding the right thinner ... 23ml jars of Tamiya Polycarbonate (PC- series) of that age can be perfectly useable too, you just have to be careful opening them, scrape out aything that's set in a thin layer, and stir the rest. Those PC paints went out of production even though you still really need them for some kits IMO, so don't be in a rush to throw them out.

Ditto your old Lancia, if nothing else it will have some value, but I'd be thinking about stripping/cleaning/rebuilding & displaying in a theoretically drivable + tidy(ish) state :)

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Hello. 4 months 9 hours ago #55296

JonnyCooper wrote: Hello everybody.
I still drive for a living nearly 30 years later & seem to actually live in a 2019 Volvo FH 13 500bhp Globetrotter XL for most of the time. Is such a thing available in kit form I wonder?? Maybe for another day.

Welcome to TamiyaBase! You will have a great time rediscovering this hobby after all those years just like the rest of us.

If you drive a Volvo for a living your timing couldn't be any better because Tamiya just came out with a Volvo FH16 Globetrotter new for 2019. It will set you back a lot of money, but Tamiya tractor trucks are cool beyond all reason. If you add the Multi-Function Control Unit then you get working lights, engine sounds and vibration. https://www.tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/56360-56360#data

Is that your rig in your avatar photo? I love the color scheme and might have to use it when I build the Volvo.

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Hello. 4 months 7 hours ago #55299

Thanks for the reply. It is indeed my rig & it was liveried in celebration of the life of the company founder who passed on at 95 years on 1st Jan 2019.
It is quite a modern unit being a lightweight tractor with the 4500kg midlift pusher axle to maximise payload so doubt it will appear in kit form for quite some time.
As I said I have the cars to sort out first but I am a trucker at heart so if I can help or be helped in any way, please get in touch.

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Hello. 4 months 2 hours ago #55301

I'd love to see some detail photos of your Volvo livery so I can try to replicate it.

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Hello. 3 months 4 weeks ago #55302

Welcome on board jonny. You can easily restore your ta01 the delta is one of the nicest.

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Hello. 3 months 4 weeks ago #55305

Thanks for the replies & advice. I can definitely take photos of my truck & to see the livery used would be great.
I've found most of my old stuff along with something that I had totally forgotten about. 2 years ago I put a late night bid on an Ebay auction & won a built but unused TT02 Integrale which came with a Code transmitter & receiver plus many hop-up parts fitted to the chassis & a new Overlander Tornado 2000 battery. I won it for £119 but after a quick inspection to make sure it ran & didn't make any nasty noises. It then disappeared into the garage & I've only just found it.
I have taken photos of what I have found & the only thing I can't find is the original dark blue Tamiya battery but I would imagine that it is of no use now anyway.
I'll resize the photos & post them up when I get chance tomorrow. The original chassis layout is totally different to the later one & is standard but the TT02 has a blue Tamiya metal propshaft & brushless motor with TBLE 02 speed controller so I'm guessing that these are some of the upgrades as the original plastic propshafts were sent too along with a bag of tools & other bits.
Hopefully the Code transmitter will work with the Audi when it arrives too.
I'll be in touch.

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Hello. 3 months 4 weeks ago #55306

Here are a few of my original Integrale & transmitter.


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Hello. 3 months 4 weeks ago #55307

Thanks for the welcome.
I think I used up the aerosol paints on the shell but I have half a dozen or so of the small tins left.
I have used them to touch up other things over the years but imagine that replacements won't be too expensive so will probably buy new.
Would you strip, clean & re-grease the transmission components with it being as old as it is? The shell is quite badly damaged but I have 2 replacements. It's the chassis that I'd like to keep original but in good working order. I have put a battery to it & manually operated the speed controller & it isn't making any nasty noises from inside. I really enjoyed building it more than the limited use I had from it so it hasn't had a hard life.
The shell was damaged mostly by a 'mate' who was going to buy it about 15 years ago. He brought it back saying he didn't want it but had trashed the front end in the process.
Any recommendations for grease would be helpful. I would have used whatever Tamiya supplied with the kit when I originally built it.

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