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TOPIC: Near the end of the line for the 2009 Buggy Champ re-release?

Near the end of the line for the 2009 Buggy Champ re-release? 1 week 5 days ago #57229

Earlier this week I was looking in to buying a Buggy Champ for the stock pile - I don't want to commit to anything yet, but I have some ideas for the future that will need an SRB chassis.

It looked like the Buggy Champ was no longer available through normal retail website channels, with Modelsport, Jadlam, Wonderland & several others showing it as out of stock, and Fusion Hobbies no longer listing it. However, even some of those retailers had them listed on ebay so it's not as if supplies have dried up to the same extent as the Fighting Buggy (which I still think is more likely to be on anyone's wish list).

This, together with the price of the body set dropping further & further from 50 GBP a couple of years ago to 30 GBP being possible now, the discontinuation of the Fighting Buggy, and the continuing non-appearance of any sort of Ranger (F-150) made me think that it might be the end of the line for the Buggy Champ ... but 10 years manufacture of a re-release that most believed would "never" happen is a pretty good run.

However ... I had an email this morning from Jadlam (sent yesterday evening) to say it was back in stock - at 275 GBP (without ESC). They have multiple listings on eBay starting at the same price - which makes it really good value if you get one of eBay's seemingly random 10% off codes :D
Modelsport also have it listed again, at 299 GBP with ESC.

So is it (nearly) the end for the Buggy Champ? Or just a(nother) glitch in the supply chain from a manufacturer and (UK) importer that thinks transparency is a quality its Lexan shells, windscreens _and nothing else_ ;) should have ?
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Near the end of the line for the 2009 Buggy Champ re-release? 1 week 5 days ago #57250

I'm guessing that as long as they are selling, Tamiya will keep making them. I had the same issue as you. I couldn't find the Buggy Champ at the time I was looking to buy so I ended up with a silver edition which is not really what I wanted. A few months later Tamiya did another production run of the regular edition and prices came down. Picking one up is never a bad decision though.

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