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It's tool time! 8 months 2 weeks ago #56749

My airbrush compressor isn't doing so well :(

It's never been been particularly fast or powerful, or even cool running - but the last time I used it confirmed that it was really struggling to produce much pressure, thaking a very long time to fill the tank, and getting very hot. Hot enough to smell really hot :sick: Dismantling it for interest/scavenging/recycling (steel, aluminium alloy, electrical) showed it was suprisingly nicely made - but I suspect not only was the piston ring failing, but the valve flap on the top of the piston showed evidence of overheating & warping, which would explain the poor performance. I probably could have got more life out of it, but I also measured the capacity - an absolute maximum of 11.3cc :blink:

A direct replacement seemed a bit of a waste of time, the best thing would have been to get something that was the next step beyond the 24L compressor I'd already got, but that would have meant expense, possibly a small shed for it, and hard plumbing to the "workshop" & under the car port.

This may be a case of buy cheap, buy twice, but the cheapeast/best solution right now was to have a second, small compressor & have one in each location. I ignored the very cheapest, unbranded and BS branded units, and basically sought out the cheapest entry level brand one I could find - then used one of eBays 15% off codes :dry:

I already had a 1/4" BSP to Euro quick release fitting, so with a bit more thought on a better location for the compressor & a bit of soft plumbing, I'll be good to go :)

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