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TOPIC: Novafox ugly sway bar fixing

Novafox ugly sway bar fixing 1 week 6 hours ago #57635

Guys, just wanna share my disappointment with the Novafox sway bar fixing (the washers...). I have 2 originals at home and now bought a rere, which I am currently building.

The sway bar (which of course ist necessary, seeing how it performs w/o it) is fixed with these two washers, which looks so ugly.

Why not use something a bit more elaborate like from the Boomerang or so...

Anybody share this opinion?


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Novafox ugly sway bar fixing 1 week 5 hours ago #57636

I've never driven a Fox without a front anti roll bar, of the two vintage cars I built (out of 5 bad ones IIRC) I fitted a NIP period Tamiya hop-up kit to the front of one & period NIP Parma kits to both ends of the other.

My impression was that it wasn't the front end that was the problem, but weight transfer (and the back squatting to full compression) with any throttle input, so the front end was barely touching the ground..

Either way, I agree that the NovaFox roll bar implementation is cheap & nasty, and yet another illustrations about how few, ahem, "hoots" they give about their customers. Resurrecting their own Anti roll bar kit, even as an extra cost option would have been a much better idea IMO.


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Novafox ugly sway bar fixing 1 week 5 hours ago #57639

These are some sweet rides of yours. Swaybars front and rear, nice!

My original back in the 80 did not have swaybars.

In the rere they restricted suspension travel by using this metal tube over the piston, in die shock body. Something i also do not agree with, i always loved the suspension travel of the Fox.

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