VW T1 Camperbus tribute build. 2 months 2 weeks ago #72590

Looking good :y: B)

I've never found that "CA" & "fast" go together, unless it's how short the window is for being able to separate your fingers after holding something for an age waiting for it to set ... 30 minutes holding two bits together, nothing. A single molecule gets on you skin for 0.000001 of a second at the end of that 30 minutes & you'll be doing an involuntary chef's kiss for hours.  

Zap RT (#PT-44) is the one I've had most luck with, "Gorilla" Super Glue Gel would be  a close second. Still, you have to do a small bit at a time & use tape to hold it while setting, and 2 -3 attempts might be necessary on some uncooperative sections of tyre. 

I've never used a CA "kicker" due to the expense and poor availability here, but given my decades long level of frustration with CA glues, I might finally treat myself :)   

Yep because of those reasons I'm not that fan of CA glue.
Seems how careful you are, you manage to glue your fingers in one way or or another.
And CA seems to go brittle over time, in coldness even more.

My LHS do have that Zap rubber glue in stock, so I will buy one next time I'm there.
Thanks for the tip!

I need some glue for my PETG filament as well, the Gorilla one you mentioned is great for PLA, but not so much for PETG.
So for that I will try a superglue and kicker from a retail store I've heard works great on PETG.

So last night I cut the FAV wheel center piece in my slicer program and printed them this morning.
Way much better to do it this way for me.
These was printed on normal mode with 100% infill.

Just need to glue them together later

Test fitting

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