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TOPIC: Dettol

Dettol 6 years 4 months ago #20668

eddrick wrote: Next experiment HAS to be to try it on lexan!

I'll do that tonight!

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Dettol 6 years 3 months ago #20677

ok, so I tested a small piece of lexan from an 80s trashed hornet body.



pretty good I thought. This is with about 2 hours soaking. I noticed the lexan is not 100% clear, but not too bad either.

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Dettol 6 years 3 months ago #20681

I shouldn't worry about the clarity of the lexan, I've said it before but I'm pretty sure the cloudiness is caused by the solvent in the paint when you fist apply it, & is always there, you just don't notice it until you take the paint off again.
The real test would be to try it on an unpainted scrap of lexan to see if it goes cloudy.

looking pretty promising as an alternative to brake fluid though, & much cheaper!
(My brake fluid is usually free second-hand stuff from a local garage - dunking bodies in a bucket of the stuff works much better than brushing it on)

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Dettol 6 years 3 months ago #20834

ok, so I used dettol on the rest of my brat. Overall I was pretty happy and found it easier than using brake fluid. Its not quite perfect though, detailed and hard to get to places are the worst. My biggest issue was that to give the entire car a proper soak would have used more dettol than I was prepared to pay for, so I ended up doing it in sections. I was able to re-use dettol though, and I filtered out old paint sludge with an old panty hose after each attempt. I had used some graffiti remover on my galaxy and overall found it better than that. However I think the graffiti removed might be useful to remove the last bits and pieces. Some parts also showed some smudging which mainly occurred when I was rinsing off the dettol.

my next attempt will be a badly painted Audi Quattro that has been painted inside and out.

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Dettol 6 years 3 months ago #21030

And so I have tried to remove paint on my Audi Quattro with dettol. Not as successful as the Brat, but not damage to the lexan. Overall there seems to be about 3 coats of paint on this body, both inside and out which probably didn't help.

before dip in dettol

after about a 2 days soak, there is still a fair bit of paint left. The grill and headlight paints came off fairly quickly though.

very little removed from the lexan.

most of the smudging occurred when I was wiping it down to try. So the paint was softening, but not enough to remove it, and I didn't see any clouding on the windows (where I didn't wipe it with a cloth to dry).

I'd tried a piece from an old hornet shell and that came of easily, so I am guessing this paint is resistant to the dettol. As fas as I can tell the old lexan isn't affected at all.

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