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Impreza (Three-Star OEM) (92144)

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Model data

Model number: 92144
Tamiya Impreza (Three-Star OEM) 92144
Model name: Impreza (Three-Star OEM)
Scale: 1/10
Release date: 21 Mar 2000
Last year available:
Price at release date: 25800 Yen
Type of model:  Rally
Body type:  Polycarbonate

Dimensions and weight

Overall length: mm
Overall width: mm
Overall height mm
 Wheelbase: mm
Tread/track front: mm
Tread/track rear: mm
Ground clearance: mm
Weight ready to run: kg

Paint codes

Main body color(s)


Gear ratio (lowest):
Standard pinion: (module/teeth)
Motor in kit:
Speed controller in kit
Suspension type, front:
Suspension type, rear:
Damper type, front:
Damper type, rear:
Tyre, front:
Tyre, rear:
Wheel, front:
Wheel, rear:



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 All data from www.TamiyaBase.com