Since the beginning in the early 2000's intended to collect and display information about the Tamiya RC models. We started out with focusing on the first 100 models (58001 to 58100), but have since grown way beyond that and are now running a database of models and parts with nearly all RC models represented with parts listings and much, much more info.

What triggered TamiyaBase was that I spent quite some time on internet searching for information about Tamiya RC, using great communities and websites as information sources. I found it very hard to find correct information about the early models. Quite often the information given was "hear-say" or just individuals getting the facts wrong. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of information out there that is correct but in many cases it was hard to find or hard to interprete.

So, my goal with is to get the facts right (let me know if I don't!) and to provide the information to collectors and restorers.

-Lars Butveit
Owner of

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