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TamiyaBase Dictionary
01R Tamiya Dynatech motor type
02H Tamiya Dynatech motor type
3-speeds Group name of the vintage models with 3 speed gearboxes; The Toyota Hilux, Blazing Blazer, Bruiser and Mountaneer.
4WD Four Wheel Drive
ABS Type of plastic
Adspec Tamiya's early Radio Control equipment.

Battery Eliminator Circuitry (electronic device to eliminate the use of separate receiver battery)

BL Brushless (type of electric motor)
Brushless An electric motor without brushes, opposite to motors with brushes. Brushless motors usually require less maintenance.
CNC Computer Numerical Control. Machine controlled by computers, often in RC related to machined aluminum parts.
Coil over unit Short for "coil over oil filled damper" unit. I.e. an oil filled damper with the spring on the outside.

Control Processing Receiver (Tamiya's receiver with built in ESC)


Constant Volume Adjustable (dampers)

CVJ Constant Velocity Joint, also called CV.
Diff See Differential
Differential A mechanical device which is connected to the outside world by three shafts, through which it transmits torque and rotation
Diplo Type of early Tamiya dual compound front tire.
E-ring Type of retainer ring (a fastener)
ESC Electronic Speed Controller
FAV Fast Attach Vehicle
FF Front wheel drive, Front motor (chassis type)
FRP Fiber Reinforced Plastic
FWD Front Wheel Drive
g/cm Measurement for torque
GC Good Condition

High Capacity (dampers)

Hop up An upgrade part
JPS John Player Special (tobacco company, sponsoring race cars)
LED Light Emitting Diode
Lexan Lexan is the brand name for polycarbonate sheet and resin in a wide range of grades.
LHS Local Hobby Shop
LiFe Lithium Iron (battery type)
LiPo Lithium Polymer (battery type)
LWB Long Wheelbase
M38 The model designation of the Overland Willys, which was the model for the Wild Willy.
mAh Milliampere-hours, a unit for electric charge (like capacity of a battery)
MB Monster Beetle (the 58060 model)
MFU Multi Function Control Unit (electronic device for trucks and tanks generating sounds, movements and lights)
MRC Model Rectifier Corporation. The first USA importer of Tamiya.
MSC Mechanical Speed Controller
New Built Built from new part, and never used.
Ni-CD Nickel-Cadmium (battery type)
NIB New In Box
NiMh Nickel Metalhybride
NIP New in Plastic
OBO Related to pricing: "Or Best Offer"
OP Optional Part
Out-in-out Technique to take corners fast. Start on outside of track before curve, cut to inside of track at curve apex and ease out to outside of track while exiting.
PC Tamiya type of pot paint for polycarbonate shells
Pinion Usually the smallest gear in a drive train. For Rc application, the small gear attached to the electric motor, which meshes with the Spur gear

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