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Hello everyone 3 weeks 2 days ago #60627

Tamiya Hotshot

Afternoon all,
After many years of RC racing during the mid 80s to about 94/95 where i then went into full size car racing, 2020 now see's me back in 1/10 RC and of course Tamiya. I won't list all the cars i "had" and yes some were very very rare as in nowadays. So I purchased a Tamiya HotShot NIB, not sure if its the 1985 pedigree, i wouldn't know and if paying a price like £700 is a clue, i can tell you now i am nowhere near that price.
I was hoping for some advice really after spending a long time away things change.

I would like to firstly purchase and install the radio gear, now i am wondering to go the Lipo route as i want as much straight line speed as possible without spending daft amounts, or am a better with NiCad? Some knowledge here would be great

Secondly what wheels and tyres for flat speed runs would fit the HotShot, i appriciate things will and are being upgraded for a stock version of the HS - i am planning on getting a 2nd car, to keep stock so i don't lose the retro feel

I do have mechnical knowledge, basic electrics and quite happy on the RC electrics but would like a refresh update of whats about and where to buy, sadly my local RC store "Apex Models" has long since gone.
There seems to be loads of knowlegable people on here, so thank you in advance
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Hello everyone 3 weeks 2 days ago #60628

Welcome on board :)

Look at the "sponsor" decals - if they are genuine names then it's a vintage car, if they are made up it's a re-release.

Radio - 2.4ghz sets do away with the need for crystals and are much less prone to interference the 27 & 40 mhz. Look for something like the Carson Reflex Stick set which will get you going straight out of the box (there are cheaper 4 and 6 channel options, but they will need the back opening & fiddling with). Steerwheel sets are more prevalent in the 2-channel market now than they used to be - if you can get on with them. You'll also need a servo as they no longer come in radio sets, just look for a "standard" size one.

NiCd battery have pretty much gone now, a good entry level would be something like a 2500 to 3300 mAH NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) pack from Vapextech.

Lipo (even 2S, nominally 7.4v) will make you go faster, difficult to quantify but something like 15-20%? than NiMH.

Bearings are essential and are way cheaper than they used to be - look under members - member benefits for a discount code for :)

Motors - brushless motor/Electronic speed controls (ESCs) can give nitro IC engine equivalent power for not a huge amount of money, but TBH still the best value is going to be the Tamiya Sport Tuned motor, which will give about 30% more power than the stock silvercan, still using the ESC that came in the kit (assuming it's a re-re). i don't know if I'd go that much further than that, the Hotshot is a very old design from when no-one upgraded motors or batteries.

eBay is a great place to look for parts - you don't have to buy from there but it will show you the options. I'd also recommend ModelSport and Fusion Hobbies.

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Hello everyone 3 weeks 2 days ago #60630

Thank you JR, appreciate your advice buddy

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