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TOPIC: Nissan Kingcab (58081) restoration

Nissan Kingcab (58081) restoration 8 months 4 days ago #56851

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Bit of a two-parter question here. I really appreciate any input from the experts here on the forum, as I don't know where to start

Totally new here, and I've joined as I've just discovered my original Kingcab in my parent's loft. It was run relatively hard when I had it as a teenager (somewhere in the 25-30 years ago range!) I absolutely loved it, and I understand that this kit has never been re-released and appears quite rare in some respects too.

What should I be looking to do to get it running again, and also bring in some of the more modern upgrades? It looks like all the technology has moved on quite a bit, so no need for ceramic resistors with the right upgrades I expect!

Is there a particular order I should look to do that in? I'm thinking that I need to strip it down and likely check & regrease the diff & gearbox. I'm expecting that the CVA shocks will need some TLC too, but would that just be more straightforward to replace or just go for hop-ups? Are there hop-ups I should be looking to make?

It brought me so much joy, I'm keen to pass that joy onto my son who is starting to show an interest. He's just about to turn 8, and loves his lego and can build complex Technic sets by himself already. The one downside to those is that they are beautiful but static. I'm keen to work on a new Tamiya kit with him, so we build it together. Any recommendations on what would be a good first Tamiya kit to build and run together?

Much appreciated for any guidance that you can offer.

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Nissan Kingcab (58081) restoration 8 months 4 days ago #56852

Hello and Welcome to TamiyaBase :) So you want to rebuild and run your King Cab, As you already suggested striping it down and cleaning it is a great start to find any broken parts and go from there. Probably the best things to upgrade first would be the control and the speed controller, A 2.4ghz controller is the go and a basic ESC are all easy to find :D

As for a kit for you and your Son to build and run, Could I suggest a Tamiya Wild One of Fast Attack Vehicle :) I am bias though because I love them :side:

Adding some pictures of your King Cab would be good too ;) Cheers Andy.
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Nissan Kingcab (58081) restoration 8 months 3 days ago #56853

Welcome on board. Like said Andy, some picts should be nice. For your king cab, put some ball bearings too.
A nice kit to begin is the dt02 to.

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Nissan Kingcab (58081) restoration 8 months 3 days ago #56859

Well, as I have had one before, I sure hope the front bulkhead hasn't suffered from much impact as I think that might be the weakest link in that truck, right after the exploding gearbox. I personally never had any of the gearboxes go on my MadCap, KingCab or Astute, but a lot of folks complain about the diff going. If you wanted to enjoy it as you once did, I would just strip and clean and rebuild it to stock configurations and enjoy thoroughly bashing a newer model kit that has tons of hop up options and repair spares should you need them. As far as WHAT is a good first build for you and your son, well, why don't you ask him. I found the HotShot as my first when I was in my teens solely on its looks, it was a bit of a night mare for building and maintaining it, but I think I really like a challenge and I haven't given up after all these years, I can safely say I have bested the complexities of the HotShot by trying to restore a 3 Speed truck, it is a bit of a nightmare, not only in finding the parts, but the steps are intricate. SO, ask your son, parley with some sage adult advise if you feel it won't cause anything but grief for him and of course, BUY IT CHEAP. LOL

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